Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's a new year and with that comes the inevitable RESOLUTIONS. It's a bit of a dirty word. I mean right now the gyms and diet programs are seeing an influx while people cram in there to lose weight as one of their resolutions.

I admit I have been on that band wagon, but since I feel self conscious about working out in public in August I started doing Power 90. It was going great until I was hit with a month of bronchitis, but I've slowly started getting back into my routine and thankfully my month away from exercising only cost me the gain of a pound.

With health resolutions under way, it was time I made a resolution to do something a bit more with my writing. I've had a bit of a burnout this year. Things set me back.

Now, I couldn't care less about those things which set me back and I've under taken to write 2k a day.

Here's my score so far:

January 1: 3,ooo
January 2: 3,761
January 3: (Currently working on it and will update later)

Of course it helps to have friends who I have given these resolutions to and who are keeping me on track. I have so much to write, it was getting overwhelming, but now writing a minimum of 2k a day is getting me through the WIPs on a more manageable pace.

We'll see how this momentum keeps up. I know for a fact it will be extremely difficult during the summer because we're going on a cross country trek out West. I am extremely excited, but it'll mean long days on the road and possibly a hand cramp as I write long hand.

Have you made any resolutions?

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