Thursday, January 12, 2012

Release Day & Gorillas!

Bentley Gal is out today! WOOT!

I'm really excited it's here. If you like the roaring 20's, car racing and some romance then you'll want to read Bentley Gal. I had a blast writing it.

To celebrate it's release I'm blogging over at Shiloh Walker's today about the story behind the story, which is gorillas.

I'm giving away a ebook copy of Bentley Gal & a little stuffed gorilla! :) He's so cute. So comment over at Shiloh's for a chance to win!

As for the writing 2k a day, I've been doing it. I did fall of the wagon the other night when my bronchitis returned, but so far today I've written 1k. Last Friday I also managed to finish off a WIP. I'll be editing that Sunday before sending to my critique partner for her to tear it apart. >:)

My bronchitis relapse is clearing up so I'm slowing getting back into my exercise routine again. I couldn't finish all of Power 90 Sweat Phase 1 today ...there was 6 minutes left and I started to have problems breathing and felt faint so I stopped, but its baby steps to get back into my routine after months of bronchitis. Blech.

Have a great day everyone!

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