Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

No, I won't be posting anything April Foolish today. I'm not fond of the day, probably because I'm usually the dupee rather than the duper ... errr whatever. LOL! I got the cover for INCARNATE my Samhain Publishing release this summer, but alas I can't share it's goodness with you until it's approved... let's just say I cried. Literally bawled like a baby. It's PERFECT. Incarnate is being release under my alter ego A.C. Ruttan. I also had a wonderful review for MALE ORDER at Sizzling Hot Books the other day. Thank you ladies! They are delightful over there, we had a bit of discussion about the "inspiration" for Male Order. I also participated in a Radio Interview with Desmond Haas, but it went live when I was out of town for my husband's grandmother's funeral. So you can check it out here. I'm still playing catchup from said funeral. I'm working on my newsletter as we speak! I'm so glad Spring is here and that April is here, besides April bringing dental surgery. Boo! How are you?

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