Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Release Day

Almost escaped me. I've been crazy busy. The kids are involved in activities this summer and the start ups are starting. Sumo is in Karate, Boo starts soccer and is in Guiding ... which I am a leader. Oy.

I can't believe the month is almost over, and with it brings the standalone sequel to Gladiator's Revenge, GLADIATOR'S ATONEMENT.

Here's the blurb:

When Eratos gains his freedom from his violent master he has only one thing on his mind—atonement. He chases his former master Thelonius back to Antioch, and a ghost from his past emerges from the shadows, none other than his master’s wife—a woman who hates the man as much as Eratos does.

Helena detests her husband, but thankfully he is never home and doesn’t desire her. Now he has returned home to lick his wounds and Helena wonders what has him so nervous. When she spies a shadow lurking she is thrilled Eratos has returned and realizes why her husband is fearful.

Helena decides to get her own revenge on the man who destroyed her life, and to finally taste ecstasy in the arms of Eratos, the man who stirred her dormant passions long ago. Eratos has thought only of Helena from the moment he first saw her, and having her under his former master’s nose sounds like sweet revenge indeed.

But Thelonius stands in their way, a man who they both want dead.

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