Sunday, March 20, 2011

Make Tomorrow Yours

Today our family lost a special lady. Today was also her birthday, so she went out in a special way. Not many people die on the day they were born. She was 95 and she had spunk and gumption right up to the end before she drifted off, peacefully back to heaven.

I was going through some pictures of my kids with their great-grandma and my hubby with her, as it was his grandmother (mine have long since departed this world), and I found a book of poems she wrote. It was never published, she just printed them out for her family. A couple were published in the local paper up in Clinton/Londesboro called the Focus. I thought I would share one with you, one that was unpublished and I thought was fitting. Like she was speaking to me when I randomly opened the page to it.

Make Tomorrow Yours
By Susan Elizabeth "Beth" Knox, circa 2003

This is the first day of the rest of your life,
It's your day to make it whatever you wish.
Have breakfast, forget about yesterday's pie.
Tomorrow is not yet in your dish.
See the sun in its glory in the sky,
Or rain, maybe thunder, humidity or wind.

Birds sing their song;
At the feeder they fight.
The phone rings, a voice says, "What's on your mind?"

Let's go for a drive;
We'll be back before night.

The golden grain just ready to combine.
Corn stands tall, a gorgeous lush green.
Is there anything more beautiful than nature?

As you drive through the country magic is seen.
With varieties of flowers out there you are smitten,
Lawns with a carpet of green a magnificent sigh.

Children romping with puppies or kittens.
Mom and Dad relaxing at the edge of night.

If you choose to be thankful that you are alive,
Your day will be rewarded with splendor.

When the sun goes to rest and quietness arrives,
Then you drift into slumber behind a closed door.

You make tomorrow what you want it to be--
Because it's out there for you and me.

Rest in peace Great-Grandma. Though I only knew you for ten years, it was a pleasure and an honor.

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