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Anya Richards Guests

On the Seventh Day of Pre-Release the author gave to me… …resurrected gods!

 The movement of old gods from this world to another, parallel to ours, is probably an idea as old as the gods themselves. New religions overtake old ones and what happens to the old gods? Do they really die, or just retire?

Anyone who’s been following the Unveiled Seductions series knows by now that I like to think of them as residing beyond the Veil separating the world of humans and fey. Starting with the hero and heroine of Fleeing Fate, I began researching some of the gods who seem to have vanished from our consciousness, and met the Mesolithic jaguar god who would become the sexy, confident Xbal Montegro, hero of Jaguar in the Sun.

And although the heroine Cassie isn’t a goddess, Xbal still finds himself pitted against another old god, but one who still has a pivotal role to play in both worlds.

But being a god has its pitfalls too, I would think, and Cassie begins to realize that when she goes to Xbal’s house:

 She glanced up at him, found him watching her in turn. The tender set of his lips was at odds with the heat in his eyes, and the contradiction made her heart stutter. 
The word was combative, but she couldn’t help it. Suddenly she knew she was entering even deeper waters than she’d anticipated and it made her want to pick a fight. 
“I like having you here.” The intent in his gaze was unmistakable, and her body tightened in response. “I don’t usually invite women to my home.” 
She raised her eyebrows in disbelief, even as a tingle of warmth shot through her at his words. “Why do I find that hard to believe?” 
His lips quirked and he shrugged slightly as he turned into another corridor. “Believe what you will, but it’s the truth.” 
“Why don’t you?” She glanced ahead and saw a door open for them, making her pulse begin to pound at the thought it would, finally, be his bedroom. Turning into the doorway, he paused, holding her gaze in that effortless way he had. “Any person who enters your home leaves a residue of themselves behind, no matter how innocent their visit, or how little time they spend there.” 
For a moment there was a flash of something in his expression, sadness, she thought, or weariness. “I have enough ghosts here. I’m careful about adding any more.”

 It’s the tip of the iceberg, and with Cassie working on her bucket list, knowing all she can offer Xbal is this one day, she realizes the situation may be more than she expected, or can handle.

Tomorrow I’ll continue my Twelve Days of Pre-Release by visiting A.M. Griffin’s blog where I’ll have another sneak peek and talk a bit more about being immortal in a transient world.

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 Blurb: Jaguar in the Sun Anya Richards Book four in the Unveiled Seductions series. Cassandra Solinar has a bucket list and jaguar god Xbal Montegro is on it. About to undergo an essential rite she won’t survive, she wants to wring every ounce of pleasure out of the time left. Including discovering if Xbal’s sex magic technique is as good as rumored. 

It’s no hardship for Xbal to accept Cassandra’s invitation for one erotic encounter, but far more difficult to let her go once he gets a taste of the explosive passion between them. Now he’s determined to hold on to her, no matter what. Cassie can’t tell Xbal the truth about what she’s about to do. 

It’s illegal, but without her death the entire world will perish. It’s a job she’s been preparing for from birth, but the loss will be greater now. For in Xbal she finds a soul-deep connection she doesn’t want to lose, and the one thing she made a point of not putting on her bucket list—love. A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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