Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in retrospect

It's been a wild year as I tried to clamour out of a funk and get back after 2009 knocked me off my feet with a high risk pregnancy and absolutely no writing.

2010 my Muse came back--well, really she returned in June of 2009 after I delivered, but I needed that time to get WIPs finished and books written to get ready for 2010.

I had four releases in 2010:

ENEMY ENCHANTRESS a re-release of Enchantress The Fey was released in July of 2010 from Eternal Press.

SORCERESS FROM THE SEA which is a re-release of Enchantress The Sorceress released in September 2010 from Eternal Press.

HEALER OF THE HEART released from Eternal Press in December 2010.

GLADIATOR'S REVENGE from Ellora's Cave released in December 2010, which was a long awaited redubt to EC. My last release with EC was February 2009 with Hard Candy.

I also made a couple sales which will be coming out in 2011:

MALE ORDER a Quickie from Ellora's Cave
GLADIATOR'S ATONEMENT coming from Ellora's Cave

AND my debut under my paranormal/urban fantasy name A.C. Ruttan INCARNATE is coming from Samhain Publishing.

I also had a freebie HOLLOW by A.C. Ruttan which is available here

My site and blog were redesigned and I lurve them. That is my year in a nutshell. It's been a crazy one, but a great one. Now, if I can only match the releases for next year to this past one. I have a good head start with 3. LOL!

Happy New Years my friends.


Julia Phillips Smith said...

Happy New Year, Amy! Wish we had been able to see each other in person while I was in Toronto over the holidays - but there's always next time. I believe you were a little snowed in... LOL!

I love all of your new covers, by the way.

Amy Ruttan said...

Very snowed in Julia! HUGS. Happy New Year to you too.