Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some new tricks learned...

Well, now that the house is returning somewhat normal, as in the boxes and wrapping paper are out of the living room, the missing Zhu Zhu Hamster is found (it took off for a whole day we couldn't find it) and there is minimal toy wreckage in my living room I'm actually having some down time.

It's nice.

I read the Hunger games trilogy over the holidays. If you haven't read them I seriously recommend them. Catching Fire had to be my favorite, although I wasn't expecting the ending to Mockingjay.

I also taught myself how to knit. Well, an aunt of mine taught me years ago, but I forgot and didn't have the patience. I've knitted about 10 inches of the total 56 inches I need for my first ever scarf. I'm quite proud. I haven't dropped a stitch or anything! It's a guide book I picked up today on how to teach yourself to knit, so I am. :)

DH bought me the final season of The Tudors YAY and the Iron Duke by Meljean Brooks, but I'll need a couple days downtime from the Hunger Games triology to allow me to crack open something new.

I made the Pioneer Woman's Rum Cake, that was a HUGE hit *hiccup*.

Other than that Christmas was great. The kids really make it magical. How was your holiday?

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Robyn said...

It had it bad moments but I lived to tell about it. Now it's on to New Year's Eve!