Wednesday, December 15, 2010


No, I'm not dead under this mound of snow, and yes it is a mound. We got another 25 cms last night and it's still snowing. I shovel one spot and by the time I get back it looks like I didn't even shovel at all. It's like old adage of a grain of sand or pushing a boulder up a mountain for eternity. *sigh*

I've been quiet because I've been sick and just busy with holiday prep and writing. I'm working on my third gladiator book and another little short that's been fun to write.

I have some good news though! I sold the second gladiator book to Ellora's Cave. It was titled Blood Atonement, but it's getting retitled to something else. I'll let you know when I get a confirmation on the title.

Other than that I'm bracing for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to the Christmas holidays and hibernating for a couple weeks with lots of baked treats, hot chocolate and watching Christmas specials with my kidlets.


Robyn said...

Congrats on the sale!

I've been sick, too. I developed a full blown head cold over the weekend and the past few days haven't been fun. I'm still sick but it seems like the worst is over. Get well soon.

Amy Ruttan said...

You too!