Friday, June 7, 2013

Out Now

YEEHAW! Private Release is FINALLY out. WOOT!

Here's an excerpt and it's pretty PG.

He looked down at his hands. At least his claws were still intact, but he couldn’t draw them. How the hell was he supposed to protect his clan or even mark his mate for that matter without that ability?
“If I tell them they’ll strip me of my heritage. Males of my father’s family have always been chief. The line of my ancestors can’t end here.”
Étienne snorted and nodded. “Understood. If they want you to shift…”
“Tell them the bullet wound still pains me and shifting is dangerous. I don’t need to link telepathically with any of them tonight.”
“Very well. Anything else I need to know before you go in front of the council and I start guard duty?”
“A private investigator is coming to help me with tracking down the stolen funds.”
Étienne’s brow furrowed. “An outsider?”
“My brother-in-law recommended her.”
“A female?” Étienne asked in surprise.
“She isn’t like Mukswa females. She’s a private investigator who worked with the RCMP, but branched out on her own.”
Étienne didn’t look convinced. “You should’ve let me investigate her background.”
“My decision is final,” Jared snapped. “My judgment is sound. I am chief.”
Étienne’s black eyes glittered, but he nodded and lowered his head in deference.
Jared instantly regretted his outburst. Lately all he seemed to be doing was spouting off at random and he hated it.
A chief was supposed to be calm, cool and collected.
He was a wreck.
“Let’s get this over with,” he muttered as he pushed the button on his private elevator. He just wanted tonight to be done.

Tonight he’d let the elders choose his future mate. Perhaps then he could move on.

I'm planning on giving Étienne his own story. Working on it now. I hope you enjoy Private Release.

It's a standalone, but if you want to know a bit of Jared's background you can always check out Mounted Release.


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