Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MayNoWriMo First Day Status report, 3rd day in.

Yes, I started MayNoWriMo a bit late. I started on the 3rd instead of the first, but I swear to you I have a good reason, wisdom teeth. I had three pulled under general anesthetic on April 28th. They were impacted and my mouth is still full of stitches. So May 1st and 2nd I was still suffering from pain and my painkillers made me want to sleep most of the day and night away.

May 3rd was the first day I felt somewhat like my old self, and I managed to squeak out 2140 words, roughly. Sacrament (Incarnate's sequel) book two in my Portal Keeper series is now sitting at a lovely 7500 words.

I'll tell you, I've been struggling with this sequel. Trying to find a way to build up the world and recovering from the massive edits on Incarnate which darn near killed me. The edits were worth it, but I needed a couple months away from Cia and her world.

Then end of April, it hit me. I knew basically how I wanted Sacrament to go. I had the ending written, but I didn't know how to get from Point A to B. On a sunny day, on a lovely road trip to Goderich Sacrament unfolded and I made my DH stop at the local Dollarama where I purchased a pad of paper and a pen. While we had a picnic on the shores of Lake Huron, before heading to my inlaws I scribbled out the synopsis.

If I keep at the rate of going 2500 words a day I should have 50k done in a month, which is the minimum for the first draft.

My favorite line from last night's writing session: My penchant was for wild demon princes apparently.

Here's hoping for another 2500 words tonight.

Are you participating in MayNoWriMo?

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Kelly Boyce said...

I didn't even know there was a MayNoWriMo!