Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm able to show you the cover for INCARNATE which is coming out from Samhain Publishing July 5, 2011 under my alter ego's name A.C. Ruttan.

Isn't it gorgeous. Kanaxa did it and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Below is the blurb:

For an innocent man, she’ll go to her grave. Again.

The Portal Keepers, Book 1

Cia is serving her sentence in the Canadian Arctic, guarding one of the many portals that seal off Earth from Heaven and Hell. She doesn’t mind the cold. What she does mind? Someone’s bumping off other Incarnates, the dual-souled beings who hold the Apocalypse at bay. And she’s next on the list.

Worse, she learns the prime suspect is Arthur, her ex. Arthur is many things, but despite their history, he’s no murderer. Cia has only thirty days to find him and prove it before the Wrath is unleashed to mete out justice.

It’s no relief when he shows up in her truck’s headlights on the side of the ice road. He stirs turmoil between her volatile old soul and the younger one that keeps it in line. Worse, he shows all the signs of turning into a demon.

The closer they get to Yellowknife, the more rogue demons pour out of Hell, dragging with them a past she thought would never haunt her again. Another murder, and the elders prepare to summon the Wrath ahead of schedule. A move that will, literally, let all Hell break loose. Unless Cia makes a soul-tearing choice.


Product Warnings
Ice, frigid temperatures, lots of Poutine consuming and a mention of blubber. Many demons were harmed in the writing of this book, but the polar bear really is okay.

I'm working hard on book two tentatively titled Sacrament.


Natasha A. said...

OH!!! Want! Sounds most excellent Amy!! er... A.C.? :D

Amy Ruttan said...

Hehehe. Yeah, it's no secret who I am. LOL! It's just I figured because A.C. writes like gritty dark stuff, and Amy writes warm fuzzy sexy that they should be seperate. :)