Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Sale

I am absolutely thrilled I sold a novella to Ellora's Cave under their Blush line. Blush is sensual romance, it was once known as Cerridwen Press. This is my second Blush book. My first was my historical romance Fox's Bride, and this is a historical romance as well, only this one takes place 1919 at the world famous Brookland's race track in England.

Here is the unofficial blurb for BENTLEY GAL:

Superstar of the Brooklands racing circuit, David Garr, makes all the ladies swoon. Too bad he's actually a lady too.

George left the States to escape prohibition and his broken heart. He vowed never to trust a woman again, until he meets his sponsor’s fiancĂ©e who captivates him. Though he knows he shouldn’t pursue her, he can’t help himself.

Davina Wentworth should be happy, she has it all—money, a gorgeous fiancĂ©, but ever since her brother’s death the good life is not enough. Dressing as a man and racing under the name David Garr gives her the thrill she needs; until George Dyson becomes her number one rival, both on track and off.

She only ever felt alive behind the wheel of her Bentley, until he crashed through the barriers of her heart.

As soon as I have more info I'll let you know!

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