Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy February

Yes I know, it's been February for a few days, but I've been in the writing editing cave finishing up lots of things.

I finally finished the first draft of my third gladiator book. I've also been taking care of sick kids. All three of them have been down and out for the past two weeks, started right after my middle kid had his big 5th b-day party.

Now, it has hit me. I've been trying to shake this nasty flu since Friday, but I still wasn't going to let this stop me from FINALLY finishing the first draft of Gladiator's Seduction. GS is my first attempt at writing a menage too, so hopefully my editor will like it. Although, not in its current state. LOL! It'll take some major tweaking to get it up to snuff. I'm hoping to start that soon.

Today, despite the flu, I'm trying to get together crafts for Brownies and World Thinking Day which comes up on February 22nd. I haven't thought about World Thinking Day since I was a Pathfinder. I've been out of the organization for a decade, so it's kind of nice getting reacquainted with Lord and Lady Baden-Powell's little love story and think about other cultures.

The kidlet and I are going to make fried plantains for the Brownie troop next week.

Here's a simple recipe for some plantains, which according to my lovely Jamaican CP (Anya Richards) to make sure their ripe (like almost black), slice thin, put them on a paper towel to get off excess grease and do them in small batches to watch them because they fry fast.

You Need:

4 Plantains
1/4 Cup Cooking Oil
1/4 Cup of Sugar


Peel Plantains. Cut into 1/2" thick pieces. Sprinkle with sugar. Heat oil over medium flame. Place plantain pieces in a single layer in hot oil. Cook on each side until golden brown and edges are caramelized.


48 Bite-Sized Pieces

Any other simple International recipes you want to share with a Snowy Owl for a Brownie troop?

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