Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Dark Duke, a snippet.

So here it is, proof that I have been working and not totally playing Cake Mania and Teddy Bear factory all the live long day. Here is a snippet of my current WIP, THE DARK DUKE. I had to take a break from my NaNo. I think after Christmas I'll be able to return to my NaNo; but until then enjoy the little excerpt from THE DARK DUKE, and the gratuitous picture of Gerard Butler and Emmy. I have sort of a phantom thing going on with the Duke. He's a masked Duke with a scarred past. Enjoy!

The Duke remained in the gloom until he was sure that Safi was indeed asleep. He approached the bed. Close enough to watch the even peaceful cadence of her breathing. She looked like an angel, all curled up under the covers. Her strawberry blonde hair cascaded over the white crisp linens like a halo. He admired Safi’s long lashes resting softly on her round flushed cheeks. She looked so soft and so warm sleeping there. 'I want to touch her, I want to feel the silken strands of her hair run through my fingers. I want to feel her red lips beneath mine.'


Wylie Kinson said...

Man, I love the word 'cadence'. I've got to work than into one of my stories.... okay, enough with word lust.
Great excerpt! Can't wait to read the whole thing. Perhaps by next Christmas I can buy an autographed copy at your book signing?? :)

Amy Ruttan said...

Glad you liked it. There's neat twist, but sshhh it's a secret. Cadence is a great word. If Sumo Baby had of been a girl I wanted to call her Cadence or Miranda.

That would be awesome to have a book signing next Christmas but only if your with me signing yours!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Great excerpt!
And Cadence is a pretty name for a girl.. but I guess a boy would get beat up a lot if he had it. lol

Amy Ruttan said...

LOL Angela, ya tell me about it. You probably know this but I think the reason John Wayne was so tough because his first name was really Marion.

Unknown said...

What a yummy excerpt. I love a dark hero, all angst ridden and stuff. *Sigh*

Amy Ruttan said...

Thanks Christine. I love dark scarred heroes too. That's why I love the Phantom so much ... but it doesn't explain my crush on the hologram Dr. from Star Trek. ;)