Gladiator's Seduction-Excerpt

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Copyright (c) AMY RUTTAN 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

She was naked save for a thin piece of gauze material wrapped around her hips. Her dark skin was dusted and painted with gold, which shimmered in the brilliant sun, filtering through the windows. Darius’ blood thickened at the sight of dusky nipples, so taut and firm. He imagined briefly what it would be like to take one in his mouth and tease it.

Her eyes were the color of sapphires, and they glittered under the turquoise kohl that shadowed them. Her red lips were plump and glistened, like they had already been bruised in a fit of passion. Her hair—the color of midnight—was bobbed at her chin and woven with threads of gold and silver.

By the gods he wanted her.

It has been too long.

“Greetings, I am Husn.”

“Why are you here?” Darius asked, trying to tamp down the burning desire to part her long legs and bury his cock inside her.

“Do not ask foolish questions. Just take whatever it is she’s offering,” Jason whispered. Darius could tell by the tremor in Jason’s voice that he was just as aroused and awestruck by Husn’s presence. Jason was always the eager one—always jumping into the fray before asking questions.

A sensual smile tugged the corner of her lips her gaze fell on Jason. A surge of jealousy passed through him at her appreciative appraisal of his comrade. Jason was more handsome than he, with the statuesque good looks of a Thracian god. Darius, on the other hand, came from Gaul, and was thicker and broader than Jason. He kept his ruddy-colored hair shorn short so he would not attract attention.

“Why are you here?” Darius asked again, finally finding his voice.

Husn grinned, her pearl white teeth biting into her lush bottom lip as she slid off the silver tray to stand before him. “I have been brought as a gift to pleasure you.”

The scent of her arousal assailed him and his cock hardened under his leather kilt. He gripped the hilt of his sword as she reached out and trailed a finger down his bare arm, her skin searing his flesh with the heat of desire.

“Who sent you?”

“The priestesses of Satet.” She moved closer to him, her nipples brushed against his chest. He sucked in a deep breath as her hands slid over his thighs, under his kilt, her fingers brushing close to his testes. “I am here to pleasure you, as a thank you for your fine governance to our land.” She nuzzled close to his neck, her breath hot against his skin. “I have been trained in many forms of mating. I can pleasure you any way you want. I am ready and eager to do your bidding, my master.”

A groan slipped past Darius’ lips. He pulled her tight against him, he craned his neck to see if Jason was still in the room, but everyone had miraculously disappeared. It was just him and Husn who remained.

Darius scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his chamber. His pulse thundering between his ears as he laid her down against the pillows and tore away the thin gauze wrapping from her voluptuous hips. A strangled gasp escaped him as she spread her legs. Her pussy was bare and he longed to bury his face in her slit and taste her sweet honey.

“I desire you, my master. See how wet I am for you?”

Darius’ head spun as he quickly undressed and slid down beside her. If he was not careful he would spill his seed right now because he was so eager for her.

Be patient.

Husn waited for him, her eyes sparkling from under her thick lashes. Darius caressed her cheeks, before taking her lips in a gentle kiss. His hands roved down her body, the tips of his fingers brushing against her dusky skin.

His heart raced, his cock hard and thick with need as she reached out and ran her fingers over his thigh. Her touch was soft and branded his skin in a way he had not felt in a long time. He grabbed her hand, kissing the inside of her wrist where her pulse raced against her skin. Her sigh of pleasure was like music to his ears.

Darius captured her lips with his. Kissing her fervently, letting her know how much he had desired her.

Husn returned the kiss—just as ardent as he—snaking her arms around his neck, letting his tongue plunder her mouth. Her nipples brushing against his chest.

He broke the kiss, pushing her against the damask sheets. She was like a goddess, her legs spread open, and her sex wet, pink and waiting for him.

“Oh gods, Husn. You are beautiful.” He trailed his hand over her body, lingering on her breasts, cupping them, kneading them. Husn eyes closed and her body arched. He leaned over, kissing her breast before laving her nipple with his tongue. A moan escaped past her lips and she pressed herself closer to him.

“You like that?” He chuckled softly.

“I do. I enjoy it greatly.”

“Do you want me?” He teased, nibbling on her neck.
“Yes, my master. Bury yourself inside me.”